Getting Started With ATT&CK [Ebook]

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on: Enero 14, 2020, 08:05:49 am
"Getting Started With ATT&CK" es un Ebook (PDF) que contiene un compilado de publicaciones de MITRE sobre como utilizar correctamente el framework.

...during summer 2019 we decided to write a series of blog posts around getting
started with ATT&CK. The posts, inspired by Katie Nickels’ Sp4rkcon talk “Putting MITRE
ATT&CK into Action with What You Have, Where You Are,” were written by members of
the ATT&CK team and focused on what we consider ATT&CK’s four primary use cases.
For each use case, the authors laid out advice on how an organization could get started
with ATT&CK based on available resources and overall maturity.
This publication pulls together their collective wisdom, originally posted on Medium, into
a single package. We hope you read it and get some new ideas on getting started with
ATT&CK. Let us know what you think—we’d love to hear your feedback.

Adam Pennington
Principal Cybersecurity Engineer
ATT&CK Blog Editor in Chief
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