PancakesCon 2020: Quarantine Edition (15 Marzo)

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on: Marzo 18, 2020, 05:14:56 pm

Talks will be live-streamed via GoToWebinar (Thank you, Wild West Hackin’ Fest!) You may use demos, video, slides, or a combination, as long as it is compatible with the streaming service. We will endeavor to record them all.

Please register for PancakesCon – Track ONE at:[/color][/size][/font]
[/size]Please register for PancakesCon – Track TWO at:
[/size][/color]Follow PancakesCon on Twitter [/color]for more information and updates![/font][/size][/color]Con Schedule[/color]Central US TimeTrack 1Track 29:00Welcome Remarks: Lesley Carhart and Keynote: John Strand – Network Threat Hunting and Homemade White Russians

9:45What the Heck is a CTF anyway? And Scrapbooking basics for Preserving the Past! – @vamegabyteUtilizing Amazon Alexa for Incident Response and How to Marshal a Military Aircraft – @redknight9110:30PowerShell and Pickling – @HomeBrewedSecA Soba Reflection on Japanese Cyber Security! – @yellowcap_ghost11:15Hunt & Tell: An Introduction to Blue Team Tactics & a Primer on Live Streaming to Teach Others – @dakackiIntercepting the Rhythm: Intro to Android App Interception and Multigenre Mixing – @echozaurora12:00Everything you need to know about Programming and Coffee in 40 mins – @jaredhaightLegacy UNIX Subsystems & Legacy Grain Bread – @johnnysunshine12:45Jupyter for Infosec / Beyond Muay Thai: Creative Elbow Strikes for your Self-defense Arsenal – @mttaggartEncryption Backdoors and Ultramarathon Running – @privacyporter13:30Intro to Firmware Analysis & Japanese Book Binding – @netspookyLiving Off the Land with a Side of Bubble Tea – @JoeLeonJr14:15Image Based Abuse, and a Makeup Tutorial! – @badassbowdenR.E. and Indoor Gardening 101 – @SynapticRewrite15:00Reconnaissance and Exploitation with the NMAP Scripting Engine and The Physics of Stringed Instruments – @Jun34u_secCryptic Dependencies & Cryptic Crosswords – @MayaKaczorowski15:45Threat Modeling + Self Drafted T-shirts – @moor1204Regex and Dogs – @cyberingcc16:30Social Engineering and Beekeeping – @reputelligenceCybersecurity Job Interviews & Card Magic – @hela_luc17:15Intercepting Proxies for N00bs / Patching is Important (Pants, not Servers) – @SkillinenDoing a lot with a Little: Working in Austere Windows Environments and Turning Simple Ingredients into Delicious Curries – @australeo[/font][/color][/size][/font][/color][/size][/font]